Holiday travel with no line-ups is coming. Are you ready?

“Happy Holidays. Please place your shoes and belt in the bin, take your laptop out of your carry on, and remove any metal objects from your personal belongings.” The TSA, like security services around the world, has a thankless job that can feel even more challenging during the holidays: keeping people safe is serious work, and it’s even more stressful with traffic volumes rising at Christmas.

The process at airports is mostly uniform around the world: arrive early, check bags if you have them, then head to the security line-up. This is where the process of security becomes both crucial and bothersome: traditional methods use X-ray, metal detectors and single-occupant millimeter wave scanners that process us as travelers one at a time. Each of these scans takes time, hours during the holiday season, so lines back up – to the point where getting through security can be longer than your flight in some cases.

There are a few things you can do to be prepared: empty your water bottles and beverage containers before you hit the checkpoint. Consolidate your change and metal objects into a jacket pocket for the X-ray machine. Wear slip-on shoes or boots. Download your airline’s app and stay up to date on gate changes so you only have to go through security once.

But the problem of long lines at security is endemic to how we approach it: the one-at-a-time, single-file method of screening is time-consuming and inefficient. The technology that we’re using right now limits us to this solution, and in order for the time it takes to be reduced, that has to change.

Looking to the future, we see the possibilities for HEXWAVE Concealed Weapons Active Imaging Detection Technology in major travel and transit hubs. Where single-file, one-at-a-time scanning lives now, we see a world where travelers can pass through a “security zone” – scanned in real-time for unacceptable items, and only delayed if something in their carry-on or on their person is flagged by an automated AI-driven system. This CWAIDT system could feasibly eliminate the painstaking line-ups that airport security is well known for, transforming these spaces into ones that feel freer and more comfortable while
still being safer than they previously were.

So this holiday when you’re standing in line to take off your shoes and waiting to be individually checked or scanned, think of a future where you could just stroll through a space, knowing that HEXWAVE is working in real-time to keep you and those around you safe.

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