CBC.ca | New high-tech weapons detection system to be tested at Metro Toronto Convention Centre
MeetingsNet.com | Weapons Screening Technology to Be Tested with Convention Attendees

revolutionary weapon detection technology

revolutionary weapon detection technology


Innovative Security Applications

Drawing on the expertise of talented professionals and licensed technology, Liberty Defense Technologies brings an innovative security product to the market. The need for security measures that protect lives in public spaces has never been greater. Armed with our powerful technology, Liberty Defense’s experienced management team has the ability to revolutionize the security industry.

What We Do

HEXWAVE: Combating the
threat of terror

Incidents of terrorism are on the rise, and concern for public safety is at an all-time high.

The challenge: efficiently securing high traffic areas with multiple entry points, such as hotels, schools, airports, public transit systems, entertainment venues and outdoor pedestrian locations in a secure, non-intrusive manner.

Our solution: HEXWAVE uses active 3D imaging technology and machine learning to scan crowds for weapons without the need for dedicated security checkpoints.

Aligns to the need for “Layered Defense" by providing the “stand-off” detection depth of a layered defense to counter evolving threat environments.


A growing need for
security solutions

The Weapons Detection Systems market will grow from USD $5.3B in 2020 to USD $7.5B by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.2%. By 2020, USD $1.5B will be spent on urban security in North America. To date, Liberty Defense has signed on a number of high caliber partners to beta test HEXWAVE.


An innovative product
yields opportunity

Liberty Defense Technologies delivers both security and freedom of movement with a discrete tool that monitors multiple entry points seamlessly, screening people and their belongings in real-time.

Liberty Defense Technologies discretely extends perimeter security of existing screening systems and independently identifies and tracks suspects and weapons to allow security personnel to engage before a situation can escalate into an attack, Liberty Defense Technologies is a leader in pre-emptive threat detection and response.

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