Aviation security today requires improved detection capability, reduced false alarms (leading to fewer pat downs), and higher throughput capability. Current technology has become outdated and requires upgrades to meet evolving threats. Liberty is providing an open architecture platform for next generation technology resulting in a total system.


Today’s aviation security requires tomorrow’s technology to help advance passenger screening and to solve the shoe removal problem. Liberty has exclusive licenses for two innovative solutions developed by PNNL and funded by Department of Homeland Security to provide next-generation technology for aviation security:

  • High Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT) millimeter-wave body scanner for upgrades or new deployments in airports
  • Award winning footwear screener based on proven millimeter-wave technology
High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology

Body Scanner

  • Next-generation high-resolution imaging system
  • Private, safe detection of threats concealed beneath clothing
  • Arms DOWN passenger stance
  • Upgrade worldwide installed base or new system deployment
Advanced Imaging Technology

Footware Screener

  • System enables automated threat detection without shoe removal
  • Based on AIT technology
  • Can integrate within existing AIT systems or use as stand-alone system
  • Eliminates currently unsolved and inconvenient problem at checkpoint