Security Detection

HEXWAVE provides Automatic Threat Detection to screen for all types of concealed weapons and other threats using 3D imaging and Artificial Intelligence for enhanced security. Process people quickly, effectively, in all types of venues both indoor and outdoor.

Hexwave System

Using 3D imaging and AI, HEXWAVE can detect metallic and non-metallic concealed threats providing an early warning to security staff before the threat is carried out in places like indoor/outdoor event venues, buildings, schools, and places of worship.

  • Detects metal and non-metallic¬†threats using active 3D imaging technology, exclusively licensed
  • Processes people efficiently for high throughput flow
  • No need to divest keys, wallets, cell phones, jackets, etc.
  • Allows for Automatic Threat Detection using 3D data/images for go/no-go decisions powered by AI and Deep Learning algorithms
  • Smart IoT functionality for connectivity to existing security systems (VMS, access control) and enables over the air updates
  • Provides indoor and outdoor coverage out to perimeters enabling standoff detection¬†
  • Supports a layered defense strategy
Active 3D Imaging Technology at Video Rate Speed


  • HEXWAVE Active 3D imaging technology captures over 400,000 Voxels (3D volume pixels) enabling accurate detection through rich data and AI technology
  • Its video-rate speed allows HEXWAVE to process crowds in real-time through multiple entry points. It detects threats in the form of traditional and improvised weapons, both metallic and non-metallic
Active Threat Monitoring
  • The system is non-intrusive, protecting the privacy and modesty of those being scanned while offering an unprecedented level of security
  • Images and data are used to train AI for Automatic Threat Detection. Images do not have any personal information and provide only information on concealed objects of concern. No images are stored and are not accessible by the security operator
  • The operator sees only HEXWAVE's Go/No-go screen that provides a clear and visible alert.





HEXWAVE allows people to be processed quickly without having to divest of keys, cell phones, etc., with fewer pat downs and false alarms, making it the right type of technology for today's urban security environments.