AI platform for improved automatic detection launched by Liberty Defense

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd., a provider of AI-based detection solutions for concealed weapons and threats, has announced that its proprietary AI platform, a core part of its HEXWAVE walk-through people screening system, is now ready for use.

“The HEXWAVE truly delivers next-generation capability and we are always training and optimizing our AI platform to make the system ‘future proof’ so we can help our customers stay one step ahead of emerging threats and bad actors,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“We will be able to deliver over-the-air software updates to systems in the field in the future and have the capability to develop custom algorithms for different customers and market needs.”

Liberty’s AI-based HEXWAVE system provides automatic threat detection – in real time – of metallic objects and also non-metallic threats like plastic, liquid and powder explosives, 3D printed ghost guns or other prohibited items. HEXWAVE’s AI capability to detect non-metallic threats distinguishes it from other competing technologies focused only on metallic threats.

  • Liberty Defense’s team has created a proprietary AI platform that uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to train the system to recognize specific objects at speeds no human eye or brain could compute
  • The AI can view massive amounts of imaging data in real time to alarm on concealed threats and give security operators the go/no-decision
  • The AI has been trained to also ignore common objects like cell phones, wallets and keys, that can be left in pockets with jackets left on for quicker, seamless screening

“To get the AI to commercial readiness has been a huge undertaking and we are finally ready to get this in the hands of customers,” said Michael Lanzaro, President and CTO of Liberty Defense. “We were able to use the data collected during beta testing at customer sites to enhance the system’s detection performance. We are excited to introduce our AI platform to the market.”

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