Is the HEXWAVE 3D Printed Gun Detector Ahead of the Game?

With dozens of specialized weapons detection manufacturers worldwide, the sector seems well-covered. However, in the last few years, the potential threat of new kinds of weapons made out of non-metallic materials has raised serious concerns; among them, 3D printed guns. Falling under the “ghost gun” category, 3D printed guns are not serialized or traceable, and can be made almost entirely with a printer at home.

In the U.S., the First Amendment protects anyone who plans to 3D print a gun, and the files to create them are guarded as free speech. However, the home manufacturing of these weapons has become an increasing concern among law enforcement. Anticipating a potential danger, security technology newcomer Liberty Defense is ready to beta test a new non-metal weapons detection system in airports and other commercial checkpoint applications. Read more.

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